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The Wellbeing Alchemist, Sheralee Knowles,  helps women be their best inside and out. 

Release yourself from anxiety, self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness to reclaim your own power.  Develop healthy relationships, be the best you that you can be and live your best life.


Live your life in full colour!!!

If you want to liberate yourself – your voice… your expression… your life… your relationships… You need to turn the tide on the good girl, the people pleaser, the ‘less than priority’ and recognise the reliance on all of the roles you play in life.

Living up to others expectations and eternal obligations is nothing short of EXHAUSTING, precious woman.

You and your life deserve SO MUCH MORE!

And I have a secret for you, for changing what you see on the outside.

This is about internal transformation. The awakening of who you are at the core, being open to the infinite possibilities available in any given moment. The big learning is not to let fear of the unknown to keep you stuck.

You deserve your best life

Just imagine what it will feel like to:

  • stand tall in the sweet spot of your personal integrity with assured confidence, genuine honesty and healthy boundaries.
  • speak your heart’s desires without hesitation and CLAIM them all.
  • break up with limiting beliefs of scarcity, and embrace financial sovereignty.
  • shrug off the self-sacrificing societal guidelines of what it means to be a woman, wife, mother, daughter… no longer allowing the roles you play in life to define you.
  • have the career of your dreams… rewrite what you want from your romantic relationships… leave a legacy with profound positive impact and radical change in your family and community.

Are you ready to command personal freedom and live your life in full colour?

Are you ready to claim your divine right to abundance, authenticity and congruence with your true north?

Womens Wellbeing Life Coach

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Whatever you are needing help with, explore one-on-one or group courses to improve your physical, mental & emotional health.

Discover powerful aids for managing stress, coping with upheavals & improving overall physical, emotional & mental well-being.

Join me on wellness retreats and travel adventures and realise that the world really is your oyster. 

A little about Sheralee

Leading Wellbeing Alchemist & Transformational Life Coach, & qualified nurse

sheralee - wellbeing alchemist

I’m nothing special. All I did was decide I needed to make some changes in my life – and I followed through.

In December 2014 I discovered a breast lump, and after the tests, got the all-clear. I was 44 years old and the thought pop into my mind “I’ve been married 50% of my life!!” And then a clear ‘knowing’ dropped in – we won’t reach 23 years.

The easier thing would have been to stay. But I don’t think that “easy” is a good enough reason. There, fear would be the motivator… I realized that the breast lump was a warning shot – if I stayed where I wasn’t honouring my heart and soul anymore, I would become sick.

It’s said that women emotionally leave relationships long before they physically leave and that was certainly the case for me. It’s an even harder choice when your babies are impacted by your decisions. After much discussion and reflection, I walked away.

And that decision changed my life in such unforeseen and incredible ways.

Wellbeing & Life Coaching Tributes

Claim it all Heroine.

Create your own adventures.

Write your own happy ending.

Live your life in full colour

~ Sheralee

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