Health and Wellbeing Programs

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Explore the health and wellbeing programs below – each caters to a different specific need.

Liberated Heroine

13 week 1:1 VIP immersion Program

Give up the dullness of self-sacrifice, obligations and societal expectations, as you reclaim your sovereign power and prioritise YOUR wellbeing so you can become a fully lit-up authentic Heroine living your life in full colour with power, impact and grace.

Easeful Vitality

10 Week Wellness Transformative Program

Are you ready to transform your life

Discover the Simple Daily Habits for a Truly Healthy Lifestyle!

Learn to live life with Ease, Vitality and Joy… Everyday

Lose Weight Mindfully

28 Day On-Demand Virtual Program

Add 4 simple daily habits to your life for natural, optimal body weight and long lasting health…

Stress Detox

28 Day On-Demand Virtual Program

Add 4 simple daily habits to overcome overwhelm and create a “less stressed” frame of mind…

Stretch for Stiff & Stressed

Stretch and Breathe To Relax Mind & Body 

In this online 4 week flexibility course, you will learn the simple techniques of stretching and breathing. And you will be AMAZED at how simple it can be to help your body and mind feel better and more at ease.

Introductory Raindrop Training

For Family and Friends 

In this 7.5 hr training day, you will gain increased knowledge about therapeutic grade essential oils, why Young Living is the world’s leader, as well as give and receive a Raindrop Technique session. This opportunity is suitable for home use, or as pre-requisite training to the Practitioner Level 2 qualification.

Love Liberation

Breast Friends!!!

RECLAIM and REDEFINE your life with breast cancer, ditch overwhelm, pain, and fear

and SHIFT into deep LOVE, well-being, and a renewed purpose and peace for your healing journey.

Find out more…

The Happiness Code

coming soon… (does it always feel like that?)

The Emotional Shift   

We will take time to get to know ourselves in a deep and nurturing way, and find ways to balance ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally. In this workshop, you will immerse in a variety of modalities and techniques including essential oils, yoga, mindfulness & meditation, and more. 

“Feelings buried never die” – for optimal wellness, emotions need to be digested, processed and dealt with.

Healing Therapies

for in-person contact

A variety of modalities are available that work with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, to assist you to live the life you desire and are destined for.

We work together towards your improved holistic health, empowering you to live authentically and clearing any unconscious or subconscious issues that have prevented you fulfilling your purpose.