For your SOUL

The third and final tier in the Dharma Wellness series to enrich the body, mind and spirit.

Are you seeking a deeper meaning?

  • Has life thrown some curve balls and got you thinking “What is this all about?”
  • Have you experienced unexplainable events and are searching for insights or understanding?
  • Are you feeling lost and unsettled?

Come to the Edge… 

We will spend 7 weeks exploring yogic & Ayurvedic philosophy along with meditation techniques and other modalities & tools, such as essential oils, as we tap into guidance and discover wisdom in our quest to balance life in the most subtle aspect of our human experience.

One of my teachers most favourite saying is

“If you’re not on the edge of your comfort zone, you are taking up too much space”. 

Are you ready to go deep?

The Dharma QUEST | Spirit course explores the main chakra system of the body over a seven week period.

Each chakra is lasered in on with different modalities to support and promote its wellness. A variety of techniques are explored as we are unique beings and what helps one of us, may not be as effective for the next. That’s why there are a number of tools in the ShreeDharma healing matrix toolkit.


  • the energy centres known as chakras have influence over our physical body?
  • you can do simple techniques to help the body become (and stay) integrated on all of its 5 layers – physical, energetic, mental-emotional, intuitive and bliss? 


Say your lower back is hurting, you keep getting one cold after another, you are standing at the sink washing the dishes, but your mind is going through your to-do list. A plate drops out of your soapy hand and suddenly you’re bleeding. You’re not grounded, not present in your own life.

These are all signs your first chakra is totally out of whack.

Weekly Focus:

Kind words from previous members:

I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 6 weeks - I have learnt new skills, learnt to look at life a different way, and learnt, most of all, to be kinder to myself as I've reached a point in my life where I need to look after me whilst starting to set up my own business. Thank you Sheralee, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing your knowledge and passion. I've grown so much and loved doing this course. 😀


Spending six weeks on this journey has motivated & empowered me to allow myself to take time to care for me without guilt. I have delved deeper into the importance of a healthy physical, mental & spiritual state. I have learnt to challenge myself to remove myself from this busy, crazy lifestyle to a space where I can relax & enjoy peace through yoga, breathing techniques, meditation & most important - the enormous benefits of Young Living Essential Oils. I'M ADDICTED!! Thank you Sheralee. The most enjoyable and worthwhile journey. 💞💞 What's next?? 😍😍




CARE | Body

CALM | Mind


QUEST | Spirit