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Welcome to the BEST Decision you can make for your future health…

​”Where your breakdown becomes your breakthrough!”

Talking about daily habits is about as exciting as talking about our dirty laundry.

But, what is super exciting is to see how people can make massive progress in a short period of time.

Here are the most common results we’re seeing from the 10 habits in the 10 week program:

Now my digestion seems willing for the food and the unsettledness has disappeared... I can’t believe I am noticing changes already and I’ve barely begun the 10 habit health coaching course! Just by adding the morning water, although it’s still a work in progress, I’m already experiencing a happier tummy. I used to feel nauseated until lunchtime after forcing myself to have breakfast to get me through the day. Now my digestion seems willing for the food and the unsettledness has disappeared. So simple! I can’t wait to really get started now!

Have you had a breakdown?

  • With your health?
  • In relationship?
  • In your working life?

This is the place for you!

Embrace the gifts of this transition time to allow you to rebuild a stronger foundation for the next phase and chapter of your life.

Healthy, Joyful Living Anyone???

I know you’re here to take your body care to the next level. We’re going to do that through coaching you into better body habits over time.  Let me tell you why:

Neither my training as a Registered Nurse or as a Yoga Teacher taught me how to actually break down the process of supporting my patients and students to successfully implement better habits. We suggested, we recommended, we encouraged, even role modeled – but never had the skills to help guide the successful acquisition of change of habit – from a conscious choice during a motivated or inspired moment, to a unconscious habit or ritual that ‘this is how we now live’. It aligns with how we see our selves. It becomes our identity.

After years of working with yoga students and clients as a holistic health practitioner, I realized that my work wasn’t nearly as effective as I had hoped. My students and clients knew what would help them.  But knowledge wasn’t enough.

That was when I realized that I needed to find another way of helping to create the shifts and changes my students and clients were seeking long term… as humans we naturally evolve together – not on our own. The wellness transformations happen much faster and they stick when experienced as a collective group. The gifts of tribes need to be rediscovered. I discovered there was serious need for serious support for how to implement better habits for the long haul.

As a society, time is of the essence… the status quo needs to shift!

I see my purpose as helping those who want to improve health, upgrade wellness, and even supercharge their experience on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual… and simple, daily habits is the starting point – the first stepping stone on this journey.

As your Yoga Health Coach - I'm all about supporting, informing and guiding you on living a better life in a better body!

This is Transformative Wellness so get ready to evolve and step into the supercharged version of yourself and your life.

This program turns our understanding of health and disease upside down...

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Based on case studies with Cate Sillman – YogaHealer.com