Welcome to Easeful Vitality!


easeful vitality

Welcome & Thank You for joining the program!

You are about to begin on a life changing journey of self-discovery, change and improved health and wellbeing.

Here’s how the program will work…

If you haven’t already, you will soon receive your welcome email with all the details about the program.

In the welcome email, you will find:

  • Forms to fill out.  The health form will help you to set and keep track of your current benchmarks so you know what to look for and can see what is changing as you go through the program.  By taking a record of what your current level of health is, you will look back at this information periodically throughout the program and then again at the end so you can measure how far you’ve come.  
  • Group to join.  You’re invited to join our Facebook group for inspiration and group sharing.

Once the group program starts, you will begin with the first habit and then one new habit each week to work on.

Each habit consists of a video, a pdf and other valuable information.  

In these emails, you will be given the links ​to ​watch the videos and the other ​resources you’ll need to go through the program.

It is recommended that you go through the program focused on just one habit at a time.  This allows you to integrate what you’re learning and put everything into action.  This way, your chances of success are much improved!

I look forward to seeing you on our first call…