Stretch 4 Stiff & Stressed Bodies

Stretch and Breathe To Relax the Mind & the Body

Blokes & Chicks, Guys & Girls.

In this 4 week on-line flexibility course, you will learn the simple techniques of stretching and breathing.

Whether you are the Tin Man reincarnated; carrying injuries; needing to support your body with current studies, work or sports activities; or are finding the stressors of life a little overwhelming… this is your gig.

​Benefits include:-

  • Increase mobility and flexibility
  • Relax and de-stress the body
  • Help to balance and calm the mind 

After the weekly sessions of approx 30 min duration – you may experience more movement, less tension, more energy, and less pain.

Following the course, you may feel more like a Superhero – ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound!!

Are you up for it?

"Tried session one out this morning and my lower back has been thanking me for it all day "