The Emotional Shift

Everything is happening for you. Never to you.

Emotions are an integral part of our inner guidance and there are no ‘bad’ ones. Emotions (energy-in-motion) are there to help us to stay on our own true north path.
Remember we are not only physical beings but also a mental beings, emotional beings and spiritual beings.
This immersion will offer a variety of modalities and techniques to explore including essential oils, yoga, mindfulness & meditation, and more.
If you have physical ailments such as fibromyalgia, CFS, autoimmune, chronic pain – these may have roots in your emotional layer – and true healing and recovery needs to get to the cause, not just treating the symptoms.
Also, if you get emotionally triggered, struggle with letting go of hurt, live with depression, anxiety etc. and you are ready and willing to explore a different path to wellness, consider joining this session.

“Feelings buried never die” – for optimal wellness, emotions need to be digested, processed and dealt with.

We will take time to get to know ourselves in a deep and nurturing way, and find ways to balance ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally. In this workshop, you will immerse in a variety of modalities and techniques including essential oils, yoga, mindfulness & meditation, and more. 


Sheralee developed this immersion as she strongly believes that every physical ailment has an emotional cause. As a nurse for over 21 years, she witnessed how negatively impacting it is when the emotions were not acknowledged or dealt with.

It is through her own healing journey that she has intimately learnt how valuable these tools are for releasing hurts, childhood trauma and baggage – without the need to unpack it all and lay it out on the bed… or worse still – keep talking about it all again and again without resolution!  

With over 10 years of yoga teaching experience, even longer using therapeutic grade essential oils along with other practices, Sheralee is excited to share these tools with you! 


half day immersion includes:

a workbook, 

 yoga session

​healing essential oil session

refection practices + other tools

and a yummy morning tea!


  • your own Young Living Feelings Kit (if you have them) – if you are not a Young Living member, and are keen to get your hands on some – please JOIN WITH ME HERE
  • yoga mat and cushion/pillow (blanket or throw if cooler weather)
  • any personal care needs required for your own comfort, water etc 

"What a blessing to give this time to myself! I didn't realise how much I needed this until I stopped. All of the tools were great but I really LOVED the oil session and it was great to learn the yoga breathing practices which were easy - and within only a couple of minutes, they really made a difference. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!"